Heralds Belong!

Steven, Junior

Heralds Discover!

Hannah, Sophomore

Heralds Create!

Lauren, Senior

Heralds Lead!

Colin, Senior

Finding a Voice

As an ASB member, Steven has helped to plan events and has grown in his communication skills, he says. How will you get involved in student government and activities?

Christian Community

Bible classes and chapels are just a couple of the ways that Steven has experienced Christian community at WCHS. “My faith has been strengthened because I am surrounded by a good Christian environment that can keep me accountable,” he says. Find out more about spiritual life at WCHS.

Hitting the Books

Steven is one of many students who take Cal State Fullerton classes on the WCHS campus — allowing him to earn college credit as a high schooler. This and other academic opportunities help to make WCHS unique.

Photo Finisher

“I took a photography class my freshman year and I loved it,” Steven says. “The school held a photography contest and I placed 2nd.” WCHS offers several art and design classes, along with a state-of-the-art computer lab.

Kicking It With Friends

As a varsity soccer player, Steven has built lots of strong relationships with teammates and coaches. “The coaches have really improved my technical aspect of the game,” he says. Which sports team will you try out for?

Backpacks to Liberia

“Last year while participating in a school-wide service project called ‘Backpacks to Liberia,’” Hannah says. “It made me realize the reality of poverty in the world. Without this project, I wouldn’t have been able to know as much information about other povertry-stricken countries as I do now.”

Making Preschool Pals

Like all other WCHS students, Hannah lives out her faith by participating in Christian service. “I volunteered at a local daycare teaching English and phonics to preschoolers and elementary students,” she says. “I was able to experience and practice different abilities that I have, such as teaching.” Where will you choose to serve as a student?

A Love for Learning

Of the many classes she’s taken so far at WCHS, Hannah especially appreciated one of her Bible classes. “Mr. Amann’s worldview class is one of my favorite classes because I was able to learn new things about Christianity that I wouldn’t have been able to learn anywhere else,” she says. Whose class will be your favorite?

Showcased at Starbucks

Hannah’s art training at WCHS has given her opportunities to display her artwork in several different spots off campus. “Being able to present my artwork in various shows and venues such as the Fine Arts Festival and Starbucks have been some of the biggest highlights for me,” she says. Read more about visual arts at WCHS.

A Picture-Perfect Fit

As an artist, Hannah says the art classes at WCHS give her opportunities she couldn’t find elsewhere. “The AP Studio Art class and other art classes in general have been some of my best academic experiences at WCHS,” she says. “As a transfer student and aspiring artist, the art classes here have been a great advantage because my old school didn’t provide any art classes that I wanted to take.” Learn more about all of the arts opportunities at WCHS.

Light on Her Feet

As a member of Dance Ensemble, Lauren gets to share her talents at events throughout the year. “I love performing for God and portraying His glory through dance,” she says. Learn more about arts at WCHS.

Make a Wish

Lauren founded the Make-a-Wish Club at WCHS, giving her the opportunity to serve others and share her faith. Learn more about service opportunities at WCHS.

Praise Planner

Serving as a chapel committee member is just one of Lauren’s many extracurricular activities. How will you get involved in student government and activities?

Soccer Standout

“The soccer program has built me up into a better athlete and follower of Jesus Christ,” Lauren says. Learn more about WCHS athletics.

Character on the Court

Whether on the basketball court, the baseball diamond or team Bible studies, Colin says his coaches have helped to grow as a player and a person. Learn more about WCHS athletics.

Hitting the Books

As a star academic performer, Colin is a part of the National Honors Society. “It’s a great opportunity that pushes you to stay on top of your schoolwork,” he says. Learn more about WCHS academics.

Grand Design

Colin took advantage of WCHS’ arts programs, participating in the chapel design team. “The chapel design team was exciting — especially when we went on a group retreat to Palm Springs for a long weekend,” he says.

Serving on Skid Row

“The service project I went on down to Skid Row really impacted me and made me thankful for everything God has blessed me with,” Colin says. Learn more about service opportunities at WCHS.